I’d like to share my experience with Hypno Band therapy and how it’s helping me reach my weight loss goals. I’m a forty year old mother from Miami who has followed one too many yo-yo diets through most of my thirties. For years I tried one weight loss method after another with minimal success, and even when I managed to lose the weight, it came back after a short period of time. My problem was that I never addressed my unhealthy relationship with food. As I gradually came to this understanding, I began searching for a more effective way to lose weight; one that would not involve following a restrictive diet. More importantly, I didn’t want the pounds to come back. Fortunately, I was introduced to Hypno Band therapy and after my first session with Eileen, my results were immediate. I could sense my relationship with food changing almost overnight as my brain began to readjust how I viewed food and the quantities which I ate at meals/snack time.  What’s interesting is how natural it felt; I just wasn’t as hungry as before! Plus I didn’t feel the need to eat so much in one sitting. If only I’d known this existed years ago! My experience with Hypno Band therapy has been liberating and I experienced a four pound weight loss in the first two weeks after my first session. Today, I’m actively working my way through the program while still losing weight.

For those individuals out there looking to make lasting changes in their weight and relationship to food, I urge you to please give Hypno Band therapy a chance!